House Painting Hills District

Advanced Painting offer full painting and decorating services across The Hills District. This includes planning with colour scheme selection, all the way through to painting and final clean up.

Sydney’s Hills District is a highly rated affluent area with stately homes and a great deal of natural parkland.

Many Hills District suburbs, such as Castle Hill, Baulkham Hills and Rouse Hill are considered amongst Australia’s best places to live. As a resident of the Hills District, it is no wonder you expect the best for your home.

Choose Advanced Painting for superior results, friendly service and competitive prices.

Advanced Painting provide painting and decorating services throughout all the Hills District.

Protect Your Hills District Homes Exterior

Pristine paintwork brings out the best in your home. The external paintwork of the home is the aspect that is seen by the world. But this same external paintwork suffers the most from the weather and harsh sun. It is too easy for a home’s appearance to be compromised if the paintwork is anything less than optimal.

Using the best materials and techniques we ensure the highest quality, longest lasting paintwork for your Hills District home. Using exterior paint designed to withstand the harshest elements we also prime and prepare all surfaces to maintain your home’s impeccable appearance.

Upgrade The Inside Your Home with Interior Painting

The right interior paintwork is the first and most important part of upgrading your home décor. Without the right paint colour scheme the rest of your interior design will never work. And without the best quality craftsmanship the paint will never last. Quality paintwork is the first step in bringing out the best in your prestige home in the Hills Shire.

Our experience and skill means we can get the best results for interior house painting throughout all of the Hills Region. We prepare all wall surfaces, fix any cracks and flaws, and use quality paints that we know will last for many years to come.

Need advice on colour schemes? Need to know what paint resists staining, or the best moisture resistant paint for bathrooms? Talk to us for the best results.

How About Office or Business Painting?

The appearance of an office make all the difference to potential clientele, who see it as a reflection of the business standards. A neat company premise sends the message that your business is serious and efficient. No self-respecting Hills District company can afford to compromise on their office paint and décor.

Talk to us about office painting and decorating. Our painting contractors can create the impression that you company will want to live up to.

Call The Expert Hills District Painters

Many individuals greatly underestimate the time and skill needed to paint their properties. This not only compromises the results, it also takes time away that would be far better spent elsewhere. Call the professional house painters that Sydney prefers, and live up to the high standards expected in the Hills District.

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