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How and When To Do Roller Painting

Paint rollers are very useful for large scale projects. Not only do they apply paint quickly, they can also produce a very smooth finish if used skilfully. They are ideal for painting large flat surfaces. Understanding Roller Paint Brushes Paint rollers consist of a roller cage and a fabric cover/sleeve. A tray of slightly greater […]

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Paint and Vapour Concerns

Before you undertake any painting project, especially around your loved ones, you should be aware of the dangers of paint and it’s vapour. Paints contain chemicals. As paint dries some of these chemicals are released into the surrounding air as vapour, which people can breathe in. Modern paint produces far less vapour than older paint, […]

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After - Exterior clear coating Eastwood

Painting or Staining Timber

Throughout the warmer months of spring and summer, many of us will be spending time outdoors in our backyards. If we are lucky enough to have a backyard BBQ area, gazebo, patio or even a swimming pool we may be spending time there too. These areas will require some upkeep, best done before summer begins, […]

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How to Paint Rusty Metal Surfaces

Some internal and external surface of our homes are made of iron or steel. Unfortunately these can suffer from rust over time. Especially if the external surfaces are exposed to the weather. Or if the internal surfaces are exposed to moisture from plumbing, leaking roofs or damp basements. This rust needs to be dealt with. […]

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How to Paint Aluminium Surfaces

Aluminium has an advantage over most other metals in being largely rust proof. Its disadvantage however is that it is considered difficult to paint or colour. The good news is modern paints and undercoats have made it possible to paint aluminium. Of course it does require the right materials and techniques. Aluminium Surrounds Most Homes […]

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