Simple Painting Mistakes You Must Avoid

Taking on a painting job around your home can be a great way to update your home. But ff the necessary measures are not taken, it’s easy to turn a painting project into a disaster.

As experienced professional painters we have completed thousands of projects. This has taught us many tricks to result in sensational results. Learn about these common mistakes and then will avoid them like plaque to ensure your home gains a perfect finish.

If you do fall victim to one of these mistakes from your own error or by hiring an inexperienced painter, the recovery costs can be quite expensive. This is why you need to get the job done right the first time.

Avoid Using Substandard Products

This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make while painting your house.  There are numerous reasons you should avoid this. Needless to say the reason quality products cost more is because they are better quality. Using low value products usually results in no adequate adhesion, a blotchy finish and the finished result not being durable, or even chalking. Also low quality products can be difficult to apply.

It could be that you want to paint your entire house but you are on a budget. In this case you can start with the most important area now to create a big impact from just one area. But as always don’t take chances with your home.

Make Sure to Plan & Prepare Properly

As they say, "Failing to plan is  like planning to fail". This is a huge mistake.

In your planning stages you need to consider everything from budget to colour schemes, types of paint, and what you want the final result to look like. But planning is only half the of this stage. Preparing your surfaces before you paint is essential.

Advanced Painting pride ourselves on our preparation. We ensure that all surfaces are properly cleaned to remove any kind of debris. Then we inspect the surface for any damages such as cracks and apply repairs as necessary. This ensures there are no bumps and holes in the finished painted surface. Next comes the application of the correct primer paint and the finals coasts.

Taking your time in the planning and preparation stages is essential for the best result.

Set Your Budget Accordingly

If you are doing a DIY job you may find that you run into unexpected expenses along the way. Even estimates from professionals can sometimes incur extra costs along the way.

At Advanced Painting we always strive to sticking to our original cost estimate. However in some rare cases things out of our control can force the cost to increase.

Unfortunately this is normal in any home improvement project and as such you should be prepared. Say for example your total amount of money for this project is $10,000. To be one the safe side you should try to stick to getting the job completed for $8,000. This will give you adequate funds if the unexpected arises and you need extra funds to complete the project.

Do Not Ignore the Weather

Painting the exterior of your home in rain and high levels of humidity will give you a disastrous result. A beautiful home is possible when the house is painted in ideal conditions. As such you need to be aware of the weather forecast and avoid painting the house if it is not favorable.


We have just scratched the surface here on some simple mistakes that people often make when painting their homes. As professional painters we also know plenty more things to avoid and ways to ensure best results while keeping budgets down. If your are in our Sydney service area, feel free to drop us a line and request a free quote for your painting project.

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