How to Choose Colours for House Painting

Most of us don’t live alone. So if the house needs repainting there will be more than one opinion about the colour scheme.

Yet you need not fret. There are usually some mutually agreed upon ideas. And we can always let different individuals decide for different rooms.

Establishing a Colour Palette

It isn’t just about choosing everyone's favourite colours. It is about choosing a set a colours that go together.

People will appreciate matching sets of colours even if none of the individual colours would be their first choice. The sense of coherence this gives a room and your entire house is very strong.

Colours on the opposite side of the colour wheel will complement each other well. Hues next to each other on the wheel also work.

Find Similar Concepts

Do you both like warm colours? Rustic furniture and décor? Open spaces or countless Knick knacks?

Light and Colour Schemes

When deciding on colours to use in your home, you also need to consider natural and electric light. These will affect the look of the room, and we should take this into account when deciding on colours.

Will you have blinds to block out light? Translucent curtains that let through light while giving privacy? Multiple options are possible – blind and light curtains. Also what about skylights?

Electric light gives various options. Just changing the type of bulb has a significant effect. You can use natural sunshine type bulbs. Or various led colours. Dimmable lights are also very versatile.

Natural light (sunshine) is a good starting point for judging decor.

Neutral or Vibrant Colours?

A final consideration is the furnishings in each room. If the colour of the room is neutral you will have a lot of leeway for different coloured furnishings. However, a more specific themed colour decor may only suit furnishings that match that theme.

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