Are you looking to update the exterior of your home? Choosing a colour scheme can be daunting, as it requires careful consideration and planning.

You want the colours to reflect your personality and style while also complementing the architecture of your home. You may also need to consider your home’s interior colour schemes too.

Fortunately, there are numerous options available that will help you create an eye-catching look for your house’s exterior. But if you are overwhelmed by all the colour choices, fear not.

In this article, we will discuss some tips on how to select the best colour schemes for your home so that you can achieve a sensational result.

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Understanding the Basics of Exterior Colour Schemes

The first step to selecting an exterior colour scheme for your home is to understand the basics. In general, houses look best when painted using two to four different colours.

For example, an ideal colour scheme can typically include two main colours and two accent colours, providing a balanced yet dynamic look.

Base Colours

When it comes to base colours, you should choose shades that will withstand the elements and stand out, yet match each other.

Popular choices for base colours are white, light tans, and medium to dark greys. These neutral colour options are great for creating a backdrop against which accent colours can really pop.

Accent Colours

When selecting accent colours, you should consider hues that will create contrast and visual interest. Think bold colours such as bright blues, reds, oranges, yellows and greens.

You can also opt for softer shades like browns or lavender, which will create a more subtle effect.

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Choosing Colours Based on Your Home’s Architecture

It is important to choose colours that will be complementary to your home’s architecture.

For example, if you have a traditional home with classic features, such as shutters or a front porch, select paint colours that will enhance these elements.

Oh the other hand, If your house has a more modern design, consider using more contemporary hues such as greys, blues or black.

You can also play around with different textures and finishes to give the exterior a unique look.

Finally, you should consider the physical environment in which your home resides.

For example, if you live in an area with lush green landscapes, muted greens may work best for your house’s exterior. However, if you live in a desert environment, brighter colours may be more appropriate.

Using a Variety of Hues to Create Contrast and Interest

Once you have chosen the base and accent colours for your home’s exterior, it is important to use a variety of hues to create contrast and visual interest.

You can do this by using different shades of the same colour or combining two contrasting colours on different areas of the house.

For example, you may choose to paint the body of your home in a light cream colour and the trim in a darker beige.

You can also add extra contrast by painting the shutters, door or garage doors in a bright accent colour.

By carefully considering all of these elements, you will be able to create an exquisite exterior colour scheme that will make your home look beautiful for years to come.

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Incorporating Neutrals into Your Colour Scheme

When selecting paint colours for your home’s exterior, neutrals are an excellent choice. That’s because they help create a timeless look and provide balance to the overall design.

Popular neutral options include whites, greys and tans. The best thing is, these hues can be used as base colours or even as accents.

For example, you may choose to paint your house in a light grey with white accents around the windows and doors. Or, you can use beige as the main colour and add pops of black or navy blue to create contrast.

Neutral hues are also great for creating a subtle background for more vibrant accent colours.

Consider Texture and Finish for Added Visual Appeal

Another way to create an eye-catching exterior colour scheme is to use different textures and finishes. This will add visual interest and dimension to your house’s exterior.

For example, you can choose a matte finish for the main body of your house and a glossy finish for the trim or shutters. Or, you may opt for a textured finish on the siding and a smooth finish on the doors.

When selecting textures, you should consider options that are durable and will be able to withstand the elements.

By incorporating texture and finish into your colour scheme, you will be able to create an eye-catching exterior that is sure to turn heads.

Finding Inspiration From Nature

Another great way to create a beautiful exterior colour scheme is to draw inspiration from nature. Nature provides us with an abundance of colours, textures and patterns that can be used in your home’s design.

For example, you may choose muted greens inspired by prairie grasses or bold blues reflecting the hues of a clear summer sky.

You can even incorporate natural materials, such as wood siding or stone accents to give your home an earthy feel.

By incorporating nature’s elements into your design, you will be able to create a cohesive and beautiful exterior colour scheme that is sure to make your home stand out from the crowd whilst blending into its natural surroundings.

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Professional Tips for Optimal Results

When creating an exterior colour scheme, there are a few tips you should keep in mind to ensure optimal results.

For starters, you should always use high-quality paint that is designed for outdoor use and apply several coats for even coverage.

You should also test your colour choices on small areas of the home first, as colours may look different once they have been applied.

Lastly, it is important to take into account the home’s lighting and orientation when selecting your colours.

These factors can affect how the paint looks as the sun passes from sunrise to sunset with any shadows being cast from trees or other buildings.


Creating an exterior colour scheme for your home can be a daunting task.

However, with careful planning and consideration, you can create a unique and beautiful design that will make your house stand out from the rest.

By incorporating neutrals, textures and finishes as well as drawing inspiration from nature, you will be able to create a timeless colour scheme that will make your home look beautiful for years to come.

Keep in mind the tips outlined above and always use high-quality paint to ensure optimal results. With these considerations, you will be able to create an exterior colour scheme that is sure to impress.

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