Adding Style to Your Painting Renovation

Repainting is one important aspect in redecorating, but not the only one. For example, you may want to add a few different elements to the paintwork to achieve the desired decor.

Adhesive Wall Tiles

Sheet of adhesive tiles are very easy to use. They can be a little tricky on corners, but for the most part they can be put in place with only a pair of scissors and a rule/straight edge.

Adhesive tile sheets are relatively cheap and come in many patterns, colours and designs. It is not hard to find a style that suits the decor you want.

Tiles can be used sparingly as trim on a painted wall. Consider a row of tiles around the middle of a room. Or a row of tiles above a bench.

Even plain white tiles can look very effective on a coloured wall.

Get Creative with Decals

It is a simple practice to have decals printed up from a computer and printer. Just order decal paper and print the design you want.

Decals work well in children’s rooms. For example, you can put up cartoon characters or fantasy animals.

Decals also work well for inspirations quotes. You can have a very large font size if you print each letter separately.

Custom Prints or Wallpaper

Have you ever thought about covering an entire wall with a custom picture? Have a landscape, city street, animated scene or world map as a wall.

Wallpaper has come a long way over the years. Now you can gain superior quality designs and real life imagery to easily create a feature wall.

It's All About Research and Planning

A great internal decor makes all the difference to your experience of life at home. Even if you choose to have your home professionally painted, you should do some research first and gather some great decorating and painting tips.

This way you can come to the painting company with some ideas of your own and have a more constructive conversation.

Having a professional do your painting will not only ensure a great result, but will also be quicker and less messy.

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