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How Our Sydney House Painters Ensure a Perfect Interior Paint Finish

Painting the interior of your home whilst bringing charm into every room and adding value to the entire property is not an easy DIY. It takes more than slapping up some paint.

The work starts long before any brush is lifted. Also f you want the paintwork to last for years to come, you need a strong foundation.

It is for this reason you should consider the services of experienced house Sydney painters, such as Advanced Painting.

To achieve a flawless interior paint finish there is a processes and techniques that must be followed. This prevents the frustrations of ‘paint over’ and ugly looking walls.

Preparation Is Essential to Prevent Chipping or Peeling

For the unskilled painter, it’s easy for new paint to start chipping and peeling. This is mainly due to the surface not being prepared properly.

Our professional painters have a unique way of cleaning the surface to ensure the paint forms a strong adhesion to the walls.

Also during this part of the preparation our team use a pre-paint cleaner. It’s the best option to remove grime, oil, debris, dust and among other kinds of impurities.

Performing proper preparation is essential to ensure a great finish. As you can imagine it is especially important in areas that are prone to dirt such as the laundry room, kitchen and the bathroom.

Ensure a Perfect Line between the Ceiling and the Wall

One of the trickiest places to ensure perfect painting is the line between the ceiling and the wall. This is especially noticeable when you are using different colors for the ceiling and the walls.

Our experienced Sydney house painters ensure outstanding results. This is not easy when doing it yourself but with an expert, you are assured that a crisp and even line will be created.

Avoid Runs and Blotchy Finishes

Blotchy finishes is one of the worst things that can happen to your paint job. Runs are also experienced when too much paint is applied. Our expert painters apply the appropriate techniques to avoid this and by doing so, there will neither be excessive paint along corners nor along woodwork.

The Advantage of Color Consultations

There is something you have in keep in mind to bring out the best on your walls. You need an expert who you can talk to about your ideas.

An experienced painter becomes your best consultant not only at the beginning of the project, but also throughout the project until the end. This is especially important when you are not comfortable with your color schemes.

With our experts on hand, you will be a more informed about what colour combinations will work best in your home. From this, you can make informed decisions for the best results.

Problem Areas Must Be Sealed

If the wall has cracks or uneven areas, our experienced house painters seal these areas before painting. This prevents a blotchy finish.

We will also use primer which is specifically made for this purpose and with it, there will be a uniform texture. No more stains and the finishing will be smooth.

Ensure A Perfect Result on Your Next Paintwork

Our professional house painters in Sydney know the techniques to use to avoid runs and blotchy finishes. If you are planning to add a bit of color to your home and bring out a specific personality, you can only do so by working with a certified house painter.

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