It is fair to say that proper preparation is important in any building project. High quality paintwork requires proper surface preparation, which generally means thorough cleaning and appropriate primer undercoat. This gives the best painting results.


General House Painting Preparation

  • We cover floors and furnishings with protective sheeting.
  • Minor dents and gaps in wall can be repaired.
  • Ceilings and walls will be dusting and cleaned, either with high pressure water or solvents like sugar soap.
  • Surfaces will be sanded where necessary, to give a smoother finish.
  • We will give mould treatment where required.

Internal House Painting

Most internal walls are gyprock plaster. When houses are first built this gyprock must be given the right primer, otherwise the paint will soak into the wall. When home interiors are repainted the walls must be thoroughly cleaned lest accumulated oil, grease and dirt compromise the appearance of the finished paint. Occasionally there is damage to the wall that requires repair. These measures ensure a pristine paint job.

The right primer on gyprock, and appropriate primers on metal, wood or other surfaces, means a new home interior will start with the best paint job possible.

Cleaning walls with sugar soap and making minor repairs means a home interior can be given a paint job that makes if look new again.

External House Painting

The exterior of our homes are exposed to the rain, hot sun, and other harsh elements of the weather. Good quality paint helps protect the home’s exterior, but over time it will slowly suffer damage. Repainting will restore the new look of you home and provide ongoing protection against the elements.

We prepare surfaces on new homes with durable primer. And we restore surfaces by sanding, removing paint and repainting damage. Our proper preparation ensures a pristine paint job for your home’s exterior.

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